Fisherman’s Pride®

100% Net Weight (Packed to the AOAC Standard 963.18)

With over 40 years in the market, Fisherman’s Pride® is the brand in which all other brands are measured. Our commitment to our customers is not just to produce the finest products in the market.

Why Buy Fisherman’s Pride®
When defrosted, frozen seafood will lose 8-15% of its weight due to natural drip loss. This loss is due to the natural water content of fresh seafood. At Ruggiero Seafood we pack our Fisherman’s Pride® 100% net weight before freezing and only add water to protect the product during the freezing process, transportation, and storing in the freezer for an extended period. Frozen Seafood should always be defrosted under cold running water to preserve the integrity of the product.

How to determine Net weight of Fisherman’s Pride®
Our Fisherman’s Pride® is packed 100% net weight before freezing to conform to the methodology for checking the net weight established by AOAC and referenced by the U.S. Department of Commerce/National Marine Fisheries Service Seafood Inspection Program.

AOAC Official Method 963.18 Net Contents of Frozen
Seafoods Drained Weight Procedure
Set scale (see 963.26A) on firm support and level. Adjust 0 load indicator or rest point and check sensitivity. a. Glazed seafoods—Remove package from low temperature storage, open immediately, and place contents under gentle spray of cold water. Agitate carefully so product is not broken. Spray until all ice glaze that can be seen or felt is removed. Transfer product to circular No. 8 sieve, 8 in. (20cm) diameter for 0.9 kg (2lb) and 12 in. (30cm) for >0.9kg (2lb). Without shifting product, incline sieve at an angle of 17- 20° to facilitate drainage and drain exactly 2 minutes (stop watch). Immediately transfer product to tared pan (B) and weigh. A). Net Weight product = A – B.

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