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Breaded Calamari


To serve a healthy, delicious calamari dish, rely on Fisherman’s Pride’s® five generations of experience to provide quality and freshness in every bite. We lightly bread our calamari with special spices and seasonings. This delicate, crunchy breading enhances the sweet flavor of our calamari.

Recipe — Lightly Breaded Calamari

Calamari (squid)

Corn Starch

Yellow Corn Flour

Bleached Wheat Flour


Garlic Powder

Yeast Extract



Red Sweet Pepper

Ground Spices

Dry Yeast


Parsley Flakes

Sunflower seed oil.

Keep Frozen Until Ready To Fry

Cooking Instructions

Use frozen; do not thaw. Cook in hot oil (350°-375°F) for 45-60 seconds. Do not overcook. Serve hot. Unused portion should immediately be returned to freezer.

Serving Suggestions

Served with cocktail sauce, tangy tartar sauce or a spicy honey mustard dip, these lightly breaded rings are a favorite as appetizers, side dishes or a tempting main course.

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